Sep. 20, 2018

Santo And The Vengeance Of The Mummy 720p Torrent

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original title: Santo and the Vengeance of the Mummy

genge: Horror,Action,Adventure

imdb: 5.2

duration: 1h 27min

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Famous Mexican wrestling hero Santo takes part in an expedition which leads him and his friends to the tomb of Opache prince Nonoc, who has been buried alive because he wanted to escape with a maiden who was destined to be sacrificed to a god named Xucul. It doesn't take long time until the expedition members start dying one by one... Has the mummy come back to life?

This was my first time to experience a movie starring legendary Mexican superhero, Santo El Enmascarado De Plata. Having heard so much about him, I wondered what to expect. It's an entertaining film with surprisingly decent production values and make-up - however, as a big fan of supernatural horror movies, I was a bit disappointed in the ending. Still, it was fun to watch and I'm looking forward to see more of Santo. He himself was very cool in this one. To my mind, prolific but very competent director René Cardona made two minor mistakes with this entry. I found his variation on the zip pan (the camera buzzes into colored beads or baubles) distracting and I thought he gave away the plot far too early (halfway through to be reasonably exact). But it seems I was mistaken in this latter belief for nobody else seems to have noticed the particular close-up concerned (which is held for at least five or six seconds). I've just read a scad of reviews in which all the writers expressed surprise at the way the story is worked out. Presumably, all were too frightened or in such a state of shock, they failed to notice the giveaway details Cardona deliberately chose to reveal in the particular angle he selected for this camera set-up. And I will certainly agree that Cardona does keep the plot moving at such a fast clip that even in possession of the director's giveaway information, you really don't have time to work out the complete aspects of the resolution before it actually happens on the screen.

Another thing that didn't grab my wholehearted enthusiasm were the boring wrestling bouts with which the main story was enclosed. Scrupulously choreographed though they were, it's easy to see how punches were pulled by undercranking the camera to speed up the action and then adding a loud soundtrack from the effects library.

Once we delved into the story proper, however, my interest perked up considerably. Mind you, despite his silver mask, I found Santo himself to be an indifferent performer. Fortunately, in his capacity as co-producer, he does allow the other players a fair share of the running. The charismatic Eric del Castillo really impresses as the helpful engineer, the two girls are attractive, and (despite criticism from a number of fans) I really enjoyed the comic relief provided by Carlos Ancira as an absent-minded professor.

However, to my mind, the player who actually walks away with the picture's acting honors figures right down at the bottom of the official cast list: Amado Zumaya brings a great deal of dignity to the role of the reluctant guide and translator. The scene in which he reads from the scroll is one of the most telling in the whole picture.

As usual, production values are top drawer. Carrion's outstandingly atmospheric music score, however, deserves a special commendation.


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